I speak to the earth, I speak for those who don’t have a say. The rule of heaven on earth. Even the stones, they will cry out. I am the light in the darkness. I’ll turn your cities to salt. With fire I’ll speak the word of the Lord. I’ll carry the torch of revival, and it burns. I speak the life to your destiny. I speak the word as a child of the king that we keep our vision set on the Lord and His virtues. My soul – Praise the Lord. All the earth, we have been called to be prophets and priests, so we speak with tongues of fire – destiny. Spirit of truth, spirit of light, will you come to me? Your holy presence on earth to testify of the Father. Real recognize real. Prophetic declaration. Do you see how we feel? Revival fire will fall – we all burn. I carry the torch of revival to the earth. [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]]

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