Tormented Forever-SEVENTH ANGEL

Cruelty and violence, inspiration from the depths Man’s inhumanity, tormented till death Hope, lost world’s injustice don’t be deceived One day one will pay, justice all will see. Day, night, Tormented Forever. One day, Satan will be thrown into the lake A lake not of water, but a burning sulphur lake Day, night, forever and ever with the false prophet and beast Never ending agony, the pain will never cease. Day, night, Tormented Forever. Listen to me now for this concerns you, If you do not accept Christ, you will be thrown in too! If your name is not found in the Book of Life There will never ever be an ending to your strife. Day, night, Tormented Forever. Day, night, Tormented Forever. The lake of fire is the second death No one can return In Jesus there is an escape Now is the time surrender Turn away from unrighteousness Giving all to Christ You will not only find joy in this life But in the life to come. [[Category:Seventh Angel]]

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