life can feel like a red light screaming go every day needs an answer i don’t know this world can make you wanna fake it and no body wants to face it alone its hard to shake that feeling that your heart’s not home i’m trying to live trying to hope trying to love trying to cope life’s a war that few of us survive and i’m just trying to make it out alive every wall has a story to be told and every tonge has a lie it could expose this world perscribes all the treaments to keep all the secrets you want we’ve learned how to think without our minds turned on the pain we go through is what makes us who we are and if we hold each other through the deepest darkest parts then we can live then we can hope then we can love then we can cope life is not a jump its all a headfirst dive and i know we can make it out alive [[Category:]] [[Category:Eleventyseven]] [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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