[Music and Lyrics by Kirkpatrick] When Father Time begins to run out on you There’s a place we take you to "Just a burden now", I heard them say I know I’m just in the way You watch the car as they drive slowly away Their guilt will hang on them for just today All alone you sit, the phone never rings Each day new sorrow brings And the holidays, they come and they go But there’s one thing that I know Even though my family counts me for dead I never see them anyway My life to God is not a worthless mistake He’s right there with me in my endless heartache Can you look away from all this pain Or do you think it isn’t there Can you look away from all this pain Say you just don’t really care As we lock our priceless heritage away Our kin the elderly Do you know someone who stares at the walls I think you know what to do [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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