Two-Headed Monster-SHOWBREAD

it’s easier to speak your mind when the world loves what you have to say oh they gyrate their way, they shout when they say: "let us never see the day the sun sets on your heart." but when i am alone in the dark i wonder where i’ve been, i wonder where i’m going is part of being strung along being helplessly unknowing? and what of the scoundrels who lead the sheep astray? oh they question their masters, their parents and pastors, and in the hereafter they’re steeped in the dark and when i am alone, in my heart i wonder where they’ve been and where they’re going is part of rebellion conceit of the unknowing? is it difficult to speak your mind when the world hates the things you have to say? oh they screech and they bray, there is doubt and dismay, may the sun set on this day when you dragged all of them effortlessly straight into the dark while they where there they wondered: what if the kings that we’ve put on their thrones aren’t really kings at all? what if they should fall? and all of the false gods that we’re prostrated before have no gracious reign in mind what if we wake up to find ourselves coiled in their ashes? we will finally start to wonder what it is that we should leave behind we’ll see the signs and realize there’s never been a better time to overthrow the principalities in all our words, in all our deeds and storm the gates of hell to show them they will not prevail if all our hopes and all our dreams fall on deaf ears then let them see the gates of hell will not prevail and you’ve broken the chains on me i needed to be vindicated for all of my frustrations but dragging all my grievances was heavy as damnation i don’t need to feel so right, but I badly want to feel alive i’m done with a contest of wills and i’m not afraid to die [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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