Talk is very cheap My soul is yours to keep You are the Shepard we are the sheep Your loving hand rocks me gently to sleep Now as I kneel down and weep In my perfect nature my sin starts to seep My life is nothing but a filthy heap I’m nothing more than a worthless creep I’ve sunk so low I fell in too deep Over the valley of death I tried to leap The hill I’m climbing is way too steep "Satan" tries to bring me down But You slam him to the ground Now I feel like the big clown In the circus across town Spinning again in a runaround In the whirlpool of love my flesh has drowned You are King with thorns were crowned Let us make a joyful sound Yes I was lost but now am found When I’m afraid you’re love surrounds When I’m sad, your grace abounds Someday soon you’ll be re known Doo doo doo doo doo doo… [[Category:Dogwood]]

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