Sometimes I feel so inadequate I start to question am I ready for these things you ask My words are not so eloquent But if I speak the truth in love Even simple words are equal to the task Oh Lord let your spirit rise within me Until the world cannot deny that you exist This is my only passion the very reason why I live Chorus To make you known To make you seen To be your hands To be your feet Oh I want to be a revelation of love Oh I, I want to make the invisible god … visible May my life be an offering so completely given Till there’s nothing left but you alone This is my prayer, my destiny That my life reveals your glory So that you remain long after I am gone Oh Lord you have made me for this purpose And all I have is just one life to give my all Repeat Chorus Make it clear to see who you are revealed in me (a sacrifice) The beauty of the life you gave unending love amazing grace My one desire, my one desire Repeat Chorus [[Category:Contemporary_christian_music]]

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