Standing on the edge of the truth Looking out at the view Of all you used to believe From where you are You can see you’re far away from home Echoes of the life you once knew Call out to you from across the divide And you know it’s time To step back over the line But you’re… Waiting for lightening A sign that it’s time for a change You’re listening for thunder While He quietly whispers your name Night falls and the curtain goes down No one’s around,
it’s just you and the truth As you lie and wait For a feeling to take you by storm Somewhere in the depths of your heart Where it’s empty and dark There’s a flicker of light And the Spirit calls But do you know notice at all? Or are you… [Chorus] But the sign and the word Have already been given And now it’s by faith That we must look,
and we must listen Instead of… [Chorus] He whispers your name Don’t wait,
don’t wait
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