I prayed a prayer for wisdom just like a farmer prays for rain ‘Cause I know that I must have it to survive in this life And I stared out in the distance ’cause it seemed so far away And I waited for the lightning But the lightning and the thunder never came So I took a look beside me to my left and to my right And saw people full of wisdom all around in my life And it started to come clearer I began to understand That my prayer was being answered,
it’s all part of God’s plan [Chorus] If we walk with the wise we will grow wise ..wo ..wo If we walk in the light then our path will be bright I know There’s someone who’s already been where we must go In the light of what they’ve learned we find That we will grow wise if we walk with the wise I’ve learned to look for answers in those born before my time As I listen to them tell me what they’ve learned in their lives I talk to friends with understanding much deeper than my own And gain wisdom beyond measure I could never find alone [Chorus] One life can be a candle with wisdom as its fire And every life touches with its flame is set ablaze
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