Warriors-FLATFOOT 56

Welcome to the killing fields (You’ll try) Where thorns infest the ground that pain yields Where the bones of triumph show (You’ll fail) The beast they feed on the dying flesh of old But the sun on this land has set (You won’t) The day of redemption is close at hand Roll up the sleeves with bended knees (Kill me) This plain will see life again (Chorus) This one’s for the warriors The torch and spade warriors The thorns of this land are pulled (You’ll try) The beast was slain before the fold Now the table has turned (You’ll fail) We came we saw we slashed and we burned In this task we aren’t alone (You won’t) These figures were made the flesh and the bone This field’s my life the torch and the spade The tools of repentance the tools of the trade [[Category:Flatfoot 56]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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