Proved the case and still wrong Now the lines that are drawn in our lives Have been made as a front they war from They lose Never back down to ignorance Never back down because of our youth Live what’s true Put on strength, leave dead weight And carry on They covet but can not obtain So in the face of opposition For pleasures their fighting in vain A war in members We are the threat! We are the threat! In a world of mass confusion We are the threat! We are the threat! TRUTH Standing against the seas Stand against the rising of the tide You cant fight the wake when your faith Has been placed in what will capsize So lay your head on the block For your truth, for your God What are they afraid of Our conviction, their conviction I know what and why I believe If my convictions stand a threat to your life Then it’s a pipe dream Poisoned minds hide the fact with deceit You can not change the past by closing your eyes So what is sewn you will reap No truth, indecision, lost conviction Turning from wrong and right Exploitation is what they fear So they take up arms and we are in their sights Your not standing alone at the front line of war So be not afraid For your fear is in vain The outcome was set before us Though the opposition comes, we are one So be not afraid Persevere to the end The courage that flows through our blood [[Category:XDEATHSTARX]]

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