Another rainy Monday,
Looks like I’m gonna be late again; Why does the race I’m runnin’ never seem to have an end. A day away from Sunday,
Feels like I’m already losing ground – Funny sometimes how quickly my emotions get turned around; They’re letting me down. [Chorus] I gotta keep my eyes on Jesus Through the weak days; In a world where we really don’t belong,
I’ve discovered if I keep my eyes on Jesus Through the weak days,
Then even on the weak days He’ll make me strong. The spirit is so willing When the fellowship is so sweet; How soon all the good intentions Find the flesh is weak. But there’s a power waiting,
With no limits to times or space; All of our doubts and fears disappear without a trace When we look on His face. [Chorus] And when we keep our eyes on Jesus,
We’ll gladly follow where He leads us. [Chorus]
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