Welcome Home-JONEZETTA

Tell me why My mind is moving to places I never thought it’d go. Welcome home, I see new faces, but faces are all I really know. [PRE-CHORUS] Maybe I’ll find a way out of here, Darling, my dear. Maybe I’ll find home away from home. Will I ever know? I can see it… [CHORUS] Does it feel like home? (Does it feel like, feel like, home?) Does it feel like home? Will I ever know when it feels like home? Said, "I don’t know… Where I lost her, darling said she’d never leave." She’s crawling up The stairs, I can hear her, She’s calling my name and it kills! [PRE-CHORUS into CHORUS] Woh-oh (x10) Does it feel like home, Does it feel like, feel like home, Come on let me know! Come on let me know! [CHORUS x1] Welcome home! [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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