What I Should Have Said-DOGWOOD

If your heart could see, If your heart could feel, To shield in your feelings, Boundaries of steel. Let someone else get into your head, Let your mind be free, Open up to me. Paint a picture of memory rebates. Share your broadings with your loved ones Catergorizing moms that stepped on and jumped, bumbling under alcoholic pressure. Self-enlisted troops marching up against you, Now there’s no erase, emotional scars. Children don’t request to become a punching bag. Teach the family to walk a narrow line. Don’t look back at what you left behind. Once again a bastard undefined. Someday I’ll see you swollen with new broods. And take a little photo A shaken triggered past I see Hiding under your blanket of guilt, Shadow haunts him with pain that was his unborn life, Stop sinning up your marriage [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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