what if she reads it wrong what if she thinks I’m boring each line more convincingly snoring what if she reads it right what if she thinks I’m crazy cause I’m Canadian maybe what if she doesn’t read it at all what if it all falls in on me (Chorus) what if’s got no room what if’s got no rhyme what if’s worry’s tune and worry can’t be a friend of mine peace rest inside and know its all in God’s time what if my car evaporates how will I get her this letter, got no wheels got no feathers what if the post office is closed how will I ever send it these state holidays have wrecked it what if she moves this afternoon, what if my letter and I are doomed Chorus someday soon I’ll look back and smile at the things I did to try and catch her eye but my hopes inside are still strong these days Lord guard my heart from me worrying it away Chorus [[Category:Riley Armstrong]]

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