if I get somewhere, get somewhere and somewhere follows me home it sneaks up on me and leaves me holding a sinkng stone intentions go from good to bad, from bad to good, back around again good to wrong I’ll learn it once, then I’ll learn it again, then I’ll learn it again, and (Chorus) this is what I found, what I’ve found now God’s love is the roots, His mercy’s the ground no matter how I try, I’m broken branches He’s my strength, my hope, my second chances I set it up, I set it up, I set it up right in the way I think I got it but my set up won’t even last a day when will I figure out I’m about as graceful as a lawn mower in a jewelry store with cat nip and gold fish, like a drink with no lid Chorus my second chances my second ch-ch-chances there’s no friend like the lowly Jesus and His grace flows even though I don’t deserve it I am a tree, I am a tree, and this tree tries to grow leaves but it would seem so far that puffs of smoke are where leaves should be and honest I guess, I’m just a little close to some matches but God’s plan is the roots go down deep to revive these broken branches Chorus [[Category:Riley Armstrong]]

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