What Matters-DOGWOOD

The message still the same. The prayers always change. A vivacious group of friends, one thing that we share. End result is life. Forever isn’t long when you can’t measure time. Everlasting pride. Seems you’ve heard this message a hundred times before. The point is that we need to live forevermore. No agony in discourse. No wallowing in dread. The choices that you make will matter when you’re dead! We’ve always got our friends to gather in this fight. There’s pressure coming in, from every shape and size. Now is not the time to fall bellow the mark. We have to be protective; we have to stand up strong. The bridges that we’re crossing, will never be rebuilt, no time for resentment, or living with our guilt, for staring’s sake take a glance, at what we can adjust [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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