Here we all are in the outfits you picked and I can’t say we’re not playing our part We’re the ones you want for now Will we lift you up to only let you down and leave you in the dark Do you like it, cos we just can’t help but notice that you keep on leaving here the same Are we here tonight for just what you want? Or is there something else that this is for? We can’t let it slide, and just close our eyes Cos maybe when it’s over you’ll walk out the door With what we’re here for We’re like puppets on a string hanging here until you finally let us go and us send us out on our way There is only just one thing That is worth the time and worth remembering out there in the fray And you’ll know it, when it hits in that moment the truth’s the only reason we came We’re more than just actors It’s more than a play This life as you know it’s fading away [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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