Whatever the Weather-RILEY ARMSTRONG

yeah, I’ve been down before and then you hear an old song on a new guitar and it sings to you, the ways it seems to find a little truth maybe I’ll roll down my windows more let the breeze blow away those same 5 chords tha tmeant so much o me, the Summer when cares were free (Chorus) I know I, and I bet you have been through whatever the weather I recall, the songs along and how they all seem to fit together here’s to the sound tracks, here’s to the memories Yeah, I’ve chased love before through the hoops, the hills, the sliding glass doors and all the songs that played take me right back to that day Yeah, its been just a road trip its like Summer camp, its like a broken wrist. God’s way of making you feel alive the way the song won’t forget the times. Chorus [[Category:Riley Armstrong]]

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