When Angels Cry-KEN TAMPLIN

It’s mommy’s right my fate to decide It mars the face of Heaven Extinguished heartbeats relieve the crime But reason decieves conscience never Little sacrifices made into law It’s just anothe "Bill" Rooms of hope turned into the place of skulls Healing hands with a license to kill When angels cry As we’re wounding time they’re grieving Man’s shame When angels cry Unborn smiles will never know their name Messenger of death dressed in uniform From womb to tomb with demand It’s hungry grave is never full His dark shadow’s over the land Yes something wicked this way comes And no one hears their plea It’s convenience in the first degree When angels cry An eternal stain on little souls of pain When angels cry In the nurseries of heaven we’ll see them again As white as a candle in a holy place So is the beauty of a newborn face Oh little choir sent back to dust They’re singing angel of grace Please defend us [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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