A gentle breeze was blowing The air was heavenly sweet – life was so complete In a picture perfect garden While the sun went down you could hear the sound Of a man and woman crying – saying what have we done We made our choice and now we’re dying And we’ve got to leave this place and hide from God’s face but this is [Chorus] Where we belong where you and I were meant to be (from now on) all along Made by the Father to live in His love It’s the purpose and plan for the heart of man This is where we belong The warm winds of change were blowing After years and years of hopeless tears One man became the doorway That would lead back to the place where life was new A place just like the garden where we walk and talk with God The way creation started Where each heart and soul can come and be whole (this is) [Chorus] Like the stars belong in the sky like a fish belongs in the water Just like children you and I belong in the hands of the Father (this is) [Chorus]
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