Who am I to say what’s right Or for that matter to say what’s wrong What am I but a man With big ideas but small plans Guess I’m not much Different than some I found it hard to believe That my brother would deceive me Am I to assume that he Meant to do right? I now know he’s not what I believed Who am I but a man Your eyes see just who I am Who am I that you are mindful of me Lord crash down these walls and Remind me of who I am I’m questioning What’s in the heart of a man That makes us cling to what is wrong Second birth causes me to See the distance From flesh to the spirit is long Who am I but a man Your eyes see just who I am Not anything you’ve done That I haven’t done Not anything in which Christ Was not tempted Not any crime for which We’re not criminals Deserving to hang from that tree Crash down the walls Lord [[Category:Deliverance]]

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