Who Am I to Say Who Deserves What?-DOGWOOD

All the Christian songs, All sound the same, All they do is condescend And condemn, Everything is dandy, There’s nothing wrong with them. In this life they can sin without feeling shame. That’s a fallacy because we’ve got problems galore, The Holy Spirit brings us guilt, More and more. A never ending battle to save souls for God. If you see a perfect person you know they’re a facade. I am by no means better than you. And I wouldn’t tell you what to do. And who am I to say who deserves what? It’s not up to me to say who’s right and who’s not. Assailed by lies and pummeled by demands, No one looks my way or lends a helping hand. My Christian friend tells me that I’m wrong and I’ll burn. I’ve traveled that road once and took a wrong turn. Now I’m too far from God. He won’t accept me again. Can’t you just hear my cries and let me in? Who are you to tell me if I’m right? Should Christians walk by faith and not by sight. And who am I to say who deserves what? I can’t witness by keeping my mouth shut. How am I supposed to stay on track? The Spirit guards your life and He’s always got your back. How can I receive this give you got? Open you heart to God and He’ll give you a lot [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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