Who’s the Victim-THE LEAD

Oh God oh God please say this can’t be This morning they said there’s a baby inside of me They’re telling me that I should make it go away To start my life over, I’d better do what they say And they say you’re not really a baby You’re a fetus and you’re not even formed And they say I won’t remember you And they say that I will not think of you And they say you’ll be just a faded memory Well they lied, they lied, you see it’s not true Because every day I think of you And what it would be like to hold you in my arms I never meant to kill you I never meant to do you any harm But they said you weren’t a baby You were just a fetus and you didn’t need to be born But on that day they lied to me You were alive inside but they just couldn’t see You are always a living memory And only a loving God could forgive me Oh God forgive us for murdering our children [[Category:The_Lead]]

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