Willow Tree-PLUMB

It will be great to see you again Now that the old wounds have mended I promise I’ll be waiting by the door Unlike so many nights before That night you found me in the living room Alone with the bottle I’d just consumed I cried for hours after you had left Must be hard to forgive Even harder to forget (Chorus:) Take the 2nd right at the 2nd light Pass Cherry Street, go left It’s the second house with the willow tree I’ll be there, waiting Now that I’ve watched all the seasons change I’ve had time to see where my life had strayed And through every pain and disbelief You stood close by Through my lies, through my deceit So do you recall How to get here You might not recognize What you see (Chorus) Through my selfishness Couldn’t see where you were coming from It took your leaving to see To see what I’d become You saw past all the things I’d done (Chorus) I’ll be there, waiting I’ll be there, waiting You never forgot how to get here You never forgot how to get here You never forgot how to get here [[Category:Plumb]]

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