Worth As Much As A Counterfeit Dollar-CAPITAL LIGHTS

You’ve told another lie this time, you stood up but your legs aren’t moving again It’s your call but it better be the last try You hold ransom for tuition that ive already spent So give it up, give it up, it’s time, they’re auditioning new roles hoping we dont catch em pulling our legs dont go the audience from last night, spread the word and the new crowd’s showing up Throw the dirt and leave the path feet covered up so we dont know your there hold your breath until your heart stops beating so fast Your giving orders from the back seat while the passengers are all unaware hold your breath until your heart stops beating so fast Once more, the story of your whole life, for you its all just a game but the game never ends, your hiding in the closet while your one night stands waiting with his eyes closed counting to ten now gather around, gather around, hats off, while they’re tossing in their quarters might as well give all the people a show dont cry im not so good at good byes your moving on at the same pace im giving up now its all gonna unwind, hurry up before the sun goes down its past 4 oclock my time, you’ll come around now your coming around. and they’ll all be fighting for their own rights, and they’ll all be delighted just to know we’re alive you’ve told another lie this time, your stood up but your legs arent moving again but all your wasted time goes to show that your just not giving up [[Category:Capital Lights]]

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